Friday, December 30, 2011


Hey los bubs os! We are here to tell you about thrifting at the AMAZING Goodwill Clearance outlet on 6505 Burleson Road, in Austin, TX, and how we like to do that!

Gug got a J.Crew shirt for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Ramadaan/Festivus/etc. from her darling sister, Coco! Rat purchased glasses of the sun. Green.
Eva Guevara

Here's Gug's Profile!
Ramona Beattie

 We always(and advise you to) begin Goodwill Clearance outings (of which we have had only one)with an unofficial Goodwill Clearance specialist, like our pal, Eva Guevara. (She was helpful because we had never been to the Goodwill Clearance Outlet Store Center before, she had, and we needed moral support going into the abyss of the unknown called anything we'd never done before)

Here she is explaining hemispheres. Do east and west hemispheres exist on our Earth, children?
Ramona Beattie

 Here I am below; a rat hiding behind leather assassin gloves.
Augusta Dexheimer

 We all happened to be wearing interesting boots!

 Brand: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Augusta Dexheimer
 Brand: Justin from Allen's Boots
Ramona Beattie
 Brand: BP. from Nordstrom
Ramona Beattie

 We finally mooched a ride to the Goodwill Clearance Outlet Store, and while we rode in a parent's fashionable minivan, this very blog post marinated in our brains. It was a nice oily blend with a touch of loud saffron threads and freshly ground pepper. It soaked in the sauces of the world.
Here the famed Goodwill Clearance Outlet Store is, below!
Ramona Beattie

 When thrifting in general, it's always good to feel the fabric of whatever you're looking at, and look for interesting things that could be altered (if you think like that). Everything at this Goodwill is $1.39 per pound, so there's no real need to check prices here unless you are a really small mouse with short-term memory loss, in which case you would probably live inside of a hat underneath a pile of bananas and caterpillars anyway.

Ramona Beattie
Also, when thrifting, one should bring two important things: millions of patiences for sifting through the mediocre (this can be made easier if you are a tortoise or if you are with a very entertaining friend pal), and a general knowledge of what you are looking for. Or a knowledge of what you like so you don't find yourself with a cart of unwanted dreck and other things that make you regret spending monies. When you find something, to see if you really and genuinely like it, look around in your brain with a spoon and try to picture yourself wearing it. What wear with, bub? What wear to, bub? What else, bub
  This is why we advise the concept of going to a fairly more expensive store of which you adore the general aesthetic, for inspiration before you go thriftin'. We went to this newish store on south congress for this purpose, the sign of which Rat took an arty picture of! (that is above-ish). Co Star had a lot of negative space (THE LAST FRONTIER), WHICH WAS GOOD. We also went to stores called Maya Star, and Tesoros, all on South Congress.

Lampshades can make great impractical hats!
Ramona Beattie

 Nevertheless, we found multiple baby aprons which we did not buy.

We also found colorful rabbit-gone-through-a-lawnmower fabric which Eva nodded sincerely at, and we also did not buy it, though Bus persisted in petting it.

Ramona Beattie
 Many items were strewn into our highly exclusive cart, which we fought many lions and elephants and carrots to reach, by the way. Them peoples kept saying, "Keep that buggy there if you please!"
Well, there was some of that sentence in their sentences, but they did call it a buggy, which Bus enjoyed.
Ramona Beattie
Our vat of clothing only cost 18 dollars total, and this included 3 pairs of shoes (one being cowboy boots), many heavy sweaters, and many other things.
Below, Gug stares into the tectonic plates of a disco ball's psyche.
Ramona Beattie

We'd like to take a moment to acknowledge disco balls and donkeys and disco donkeys.
But we won't.

Anyway, fun fun! No bags for us to put our clothings into! No matter at all. Maaaybeee bring your own bag when shopping here (and we advise you do, shop here, that is) like a good Whapsmackpowski.

Ramona Beattie
Ramona Beattie
Ramona Beattie

We arrived back home, and Eva took many pictures of us jumping.
Eva Guevara
Eva Guevara

Eva Guevara
We later lit some things on fire, in preparation for classified cult activity (an upcoming photo shoot)

Have a nice day/life/reincarnation!

xxx Rat and Bus (Ratticus!)

<3 #buttcone4lyfe
Butt cones are very dangerous. Be warned. Meredith, our deary friend is a buttcone fan. Fan. Fan. Thbp. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

JESSAY: A Dear Old Trip To West

For Thanking and Giving, we travelled away. The Away was Marathon, Texas,  and Big Bend. 
We encountered Disney Channel on our television.
We encountered some thing called Jessie. That show.
Never watch it please. It is yuck.

We stayed in little adobe cowboy homes. We sat on coolers which we promptly fell off of and now I have scabs on my knees. We ate stuffing. And stuff. And Gus stabbed a carrot with a steak knife and proceeded to rub it in everyone's mashed potatoes and turkey and sparkling cider and anchovies and we all bit her. Gus was loved muchly for all of her efforts to have sharing 'round the table! While wearing fancy dresses. Actually, young Teo, Ole Gavriel ,and the brother of me (Rat), Felix, did not wear dresses, much to our disability. And death.

I salted my brother's sparkling cider. Bother. I salted the mountains also as well. 

Then we went climbing on stuff. Then we were on top of a mountain ha. We sat on the two types of rocks: saddle and pudding. Ah yessy!

Here are our late-ish fall-like photographs, in the blessed landscape of Marathon, Texas.

We went prancing in Alpine, where we had delightful goat's milk and caramel wafer like objects, from a raspa company called Murphy St. Raspa Co. which is a delightful Murphy St. Raspa Co. It is probably a nicer Murphy St. Raspa Co. than that other Murphy St. Raspa Co.
We also bought and read aloud a strange children's novel called Mariah Loves Rock! It was detestable to be around it. The book. Boog. 
That is correct, good bye! Have Bar Ge.