Friday, October 19, 2012


Hey plasabears. Ratsy, ratsy, that is me. I looked on my house, which is actually an overview of the stats of this blog, and we had 4444 pageviews, so I used my hip grandma technology skillz to take the below screenshot. Four fours! Unheard of! But small!

Anywizzle, there are so many raddicusly awesome clothing items that are unraddicusly expensive in the world of buying adornments for your self to wear.

We were especiawlly saddened by/in awe of a certain occurrence: this one. this. This: At Anthropologie,there is an abundance of beautiful jewelry which is made by beading fabric with crayly expensive beads to make pendants or general central attractions of jewelry items. BUT they cost far too many dollars for a small baby to buy! Or a full-grown baby! Or a medium baby!

Place D'Armes Necklace- $218

"Okay! I own that! Gosh!" said Bus. She does.

Point Embroidery Bracelet,  $188

Beaded Phoenix Necklace, $698
Glentress Earrings, $398
Salt Cay Earrings, $48

 However, we don't mean to put a damper on the dosey-do, because we have a solution! Steal the jewelry! 
i not jest you not! i jest! ALL JOKES ASIDE FOREVER, We DIY'ed the dealio like reeel bloggers, and spent approximately an extremely small amount of money!

HOW, you ask? Hold your sassy horses and wait! Yeah! I said it! Put a stopper in the sass! It's time to go spread some marmalade and brie on a quirky slice of rye bread!Pajsg! 
  1. Anyway, now it is the time to answer that dandy question, sparkle feirnds [trendy word for friend: feirnd (pronounced: fa-ernd)]. We will commence by telling you what we used:

  • We used:
  1. Childhood Chrinkets (trinkets) from around the house; like Playmobil people and plastic fishiis and plastic gazelles and tiny doll dishes, and little boats;,;, and that costed zero dollars
  2. Unkool jewelry that was either unkool in that it was simply lame-o, or unkool in that it was all like falling apart and stuff,, and that also costed zero dollars cause it was from our houses and things that come from houses are free
  3. The unlikely gang of glue and scissor friends
  4. Needle and thread
  5. A little spatch of chain, a few spatches of tiny beads, and findings like jump rings and lobster clasps, which we bought for friendly prices at our favorite place for that genre of supplies, Bead It! But to buy these things, we were payed by my father for talking like cartoon bats for his musical IVY AND THE WICKER SUITCASE, but we talk like tiny bats all the time anyway, so basically we didn't even spend any money on that, ergo PEW PEW WE ARE PENNY PINCHY!
  6. Muslin for beading on and some scraps of funky cray corduroy for the backing, which costed zero dollars as well, beacauce it came from our houses.
  7. A lil' bit of pep and lovin', both of which are priceless! Don't overuse! Danger! Low crossing! Flood zone! Low Cruisin'! 

 SO here below is an important conversation I had with the Bus over the fleecebook, regarding this crafty sitch: 
HUH! Wonder why it says 'unlike' under all my comments! Oh yeah! Reremembered! I liked those comments myself, just livin' up to the DIY mentality.!


 Oh yeah. Big Whoop. Some fabric.  THANKS BUS FOR YOUR GREAT COMMENTARY!
Anywayz, I cut out the muslin in the shape i was wantin' my necklace to reside in, and used that as a pattern dealio to cut the backing doodah.
I cut out the funky backing slightly ley larger than the muslin I beaded on cause better be sorry than safe!

This is a plank of wood that we wrote on once. And then we put more stuff on it, like the early versions of our necks.
WAY TO CONTRIBUTE, LEANING COUCH FRIEND! Anyway, the thing this photo illustrates is the concept of me gluing the things that needed to be glued before I started beading.

 Here's  an arty lil' pic of our material option/shopping center, where we piled all of the trinkets from around our abodes!

Dear you, what is that? It's Bus' necklace fetus, which she has yet to finish due to glitter or something.

Then the Rat took to beading! Wow! Go, Rat, go!

All beady! See you next picture!

To sew the back to the front,  I used a whip stitch, with a bead on every lil bud,  except when I got bored, and, that, happened, often.

"HEY," said Leonard! "Remove the Premises!"

Here is a grainy picture which doesn't accomplish anything.
Anyway, I went to school today without any engines on my socks! I guess I just forgot to put them on because my space helmet got heavier because my cat runs a cat café from inside of it because her cat psychiatrist said she has an entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone laughed at me when they saw there weren't any engines on my socks and it was so awkward! Anyway, I sewed jump rings to the top corners of the necklace so I could attach it to lengths of chain.


I attached the chain to the jump rings and added a lobster claps for some visual and practical Logos & Ethos, a nice blend if you're in the mood for my English class which I love!


In this picksher I'm wearing some funky pajamas that my-darling-Grace-who-just-came-and-stayed-the-weekend found at St. Vincent de Paul for $3.50. Quite a steal, budz! Also in that outing to that place for people who attend St. Vincent de Paul, I bought a scuba suit (which fits me perfectly!) for $14.50, and I can wear its scuba jacket like I'm a human who's wearing a regular jacket except it's made of neoprene for a little kick of high-fashion jelly-ish plastic and rubbery smellz! So trendz!
Hey! You see that I got my hairs cut off! I know! Go away please!

Here is the button toggle doodah! What a party you see a picture of!

 Here you see us and our budz, William and Hemiti (Henry). Hemiti has a blog called Spoon Situation. CHECK IT OUT BROZ! William has a soul. If you could call it that. Which we can.
He also has a blog he does on THE CHRONICLE OH MY WOW, which you will maybe hear more about from us!

Another Dealio: Gus' beautiful idiot dog, Charlottintottin chewed the toes off of my slippiest loafers. So I wallowed a bit. THEN
I was looking mournfully at because everything is beautiful and expensive there, THEN I actually benefited from it! Wowee! I say, I saw some plain blue loafers with sparkle tips and rickrack by Nicholas Kirkwood which cost $895, and I thought, wow, wow, I, cannot, ever, buy them, because I do not have any source of income whatsoever. Then I thought, oh, I will just travel into my computer screen and steal them from the website. And then my entrepreneurial cat said,"Don't mope or contemplate stealin', just look at the stuff with which you're always dealin'! You have errything you need right now, just take your loafers, sequined fabric, and WOW!" In your Bottom, Net-a-porter!
After that jam sesh I did the following.
I took some sequined fabric which I bought for like $2 at my favorite people-watching land, Hancock Fabrics, and some red rickrack and some glue and some scissors and of course my slippiest red loafers and I slapped it all together and this is the conglomeration of pixels that represents the manifestation of said event:

"sorlean, singycycle"

Okay, start reading the blog post again!