Monday, January 7, 2013

Sally Sandalz: Number 3rd time we leave home!

Hey leaning couch friendz!

Whatz doin'?

We recently returned from a gallivant to Big Bend, where our fabulous budday, Teo R-H/ Satchcycle/Swime/SandalzJonez/Soupy/Randell/Françoizzle/Françandal took the best photos that have ever graced the small cardboard box we live in. 

Haha ha jk kidding! When we said "the small cardboard box we live in" we meant "the entire known and unknown universe!"
We are so thanky for him! We had a fabulous time at the photo shoot, in which we (Bus, me [Rat] ,and GPA/Eva, our lovely friend) dressed in '40s-ish clothes and made hair ditties that were totes hypertonic (solvent: air, solute: hair) in the upper regions of our heads. However, because of the concentration gradient, our hair particles did diffuse through facilitated diffusion via wind patterns in our current region and almost reach equilibrium by the end of our photo sesh, which we all know, could have been nothing but catastrophic. OR SO ONE WOULD THINK! 

No, Rat who was talking in that paragraph above the one your eyes are currently gracing. Now it is Bus talking now. There was wind. Wind get in hair. Hair fall down slightly. Or is that what Rat was saying? I do not know or care. What is the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know or care. {HAW HAW!} Thank you all. 

The reason that we ( I, Bus) did not place the photos on this internet machine earlier is that they were marinating. Moreover, that is inaccurate. Indeed, the real reasoning behind this tragedy is the size and continual growth of my (Bus's) stupidity. And so. Furthermore, I am always busy and so is Rat. Additionally, that is silly, get over yourself Bus, you suck, lalala, etc., etc., etc!

Butt now! The photos are here, I (Bus) am a valid human, the cat named Alfonse stopped living in my yard, so let us commence!

Our families (Rat's and Bus's), in addition to this other family that is lovely, went to Big Bend together for Thanksgiving for the second year in a row. 
This is a pic of us doing not much where Rat looks stupid:

This is a pic of Teo taking a pic of us posing for a pic.

Two Juicy Tidbits! 

1. Rat and I used to go there (to Big Bend on Thanksgiving) with just my parents and that was fun as well!
2. Our dearest love, Eva/Geepa, now LIVES in the Big Bendish area, so she came along for the ride/taking her picture in a dress Rat made for her/activities such as hiking and watching all of Lonesome Dove, which has a character Augustus McCrae after which I am named!

AND SO. Here is what happened when Teo took pix of us! YES


Geepa's Cardi: Goodwill Clearance Center
Geepa's Dress: Rat made it!
Necklace: from Gus' house.
Tights: I Don't Know because they're from Bus' house and I can't walk all the way there or Anything Why Do You Even Care

 Cardi: Banana Republic circa 2005 from the Rat's Mommy Archive
Top: Made by Rat and Bus
Skirt: Made by Bus
Earrings: I Don't Know
Necklace: The Citywide Garage Sale
Tights: I Do Not Know or Care Because I am Rat

Rat's Cardi: originally from a junk store but stolen from the Rat's Mommy Archive
Rat's Shirt: Made by Rat
Rat's Skirt: vintage from the Rat's Mommy Archive
Rat's Necklace: from Rose, the fabulous lady who has goats and taught Rat to use a commercial sewing pattern.
Tights: Anthropologie

 What is this place? We don't know!

 Rat's Gold Shoes: St. Vincent de Paul 
Geepa's Red Shoes: Clarks from Some Place in Denver
Bus's Silver Shoes: Some Place in Denver

 Teo's dog, Olive, slunk into the picture. She is just a dear! (Deer)


Now I will show you the lil' patches that Rat made for each garment on the way to Large Bendy! 

 There's a pig on mine because I love pigs a lot. Truly I do.

 Look at the light! Don't you wish the whole world was shown in this light at this time of day forever and all the time? Ever!?

 You might say, "Hey! They look so mad and stuff!"
 Well that's because we were! No it is not. It's because the landscape is rough and sharp and it tries to kill you all the time, so we look like the landscape is trying to kill us in the facial region. But isn't it funny how our clothes look like they belong elsewhere?!

Alert! Falling Rocks! Scary Stuff! Cacti! Wind! Prepare yourself! Attention!
That is my favorite thing in the ever world of fashion shoots! 

We took specific inspiration for this thing (unpleasant but somehow incredibly beautiful landscapes with pretty city clothes in them) from Anthropologie's frequent placement of pretty fairies in relation with goats and rugged tables and stuff! We also really like that painting called Oilfield Girls by that guy who painted it!

OKAY. That's quite enough of that.