Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just stopped by to say BEEP!

Hello mes ami(e) buddy friends. How old are you today? I am four. See you next sentence! Hello again. Welcome. Good bye.

The Rainbow Rat (rambabo d. ramona)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Fashion week seems to have confused our troubled souls. 

Anyways, Here is HONOR, at Mercedes-Benz fashion week.
they have lace, and full skirts, and peter pan collars, and knee socks, and cream color, and black and white, and negative space, and a fitted suit....

I agree with and highly approve of this.

Here. Jill Stuart.

For Jill Stuart, we love the shoes, the colors, and the vintage inspiration.

A Lovely Little Diddy

TThese huge things are necklaces that take up a ton of room in the neck region. That is to say that they are long, quite long. We love, with such a burning passion that we are wont to keel over dead with utter adoration, long necklaces, mainly of the chain variety. The Rat, more commonly known as Ramona, is often seen wearing a plain, crew-necked T-shirt with many, many chains dangling about off of her neck. One has an elephant, one has a skeleton key, one has a pink bead, etc. They really add to a something or other. Please always wear them. Or else some terrible item things might come and grind your soul into a pulp. Also, some of Ramona's many necklaces, laces of the neck, are pictured below.w.
                                This lovely Urban Outfitters person is wearing one! Hee! Haw!


a blue hat, a blue ribbon, some miniscule blue shoes, a blue dress, a blue cat, etc.

A nice blue hat on a darling
 Natalia, Ramona's cousin. What a dear.
Hat, city-wide garage sale
Dress, Johnnie B
Ribbon, a bag of scarves from a dahling Grandmother
Shoes, vintage
Please note, these shoes are so small that I died already. Baby corn.


This blog shall be of the fashion sort. Welcome, moomoo friends! You may learn from this blog, you may achieve your biggest hopes and dreams. You may even get so excited by something or another that you will eat your computer. That is healthy for you.
Anyway. We are two children a bit obsessed with the ways people clothe themselves and aesthetics in general. One of us is Gus, and the other one of us is Ramona. Coming soon shall be some posts about and relating to and as if and like and about this past summer.
 Gootenburg Bible!


What is fashion? Mgneh. What ever.