Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just stopped by to say BEEP!

Hello mes ami(e) buddy friends. How old are you today? I am four. See you next sentence! Hello again. Welcome. Good bye.

The Rainbow Rat (rambabo d. ramona)


  1. I want to comment Auntily- because that is my job even if only I am Aunt to Gus.....I, A) and #1 so far enjoy your tone. And, in fact, B) and #2, am fond of the atmosphere. But as a designer I can't help but wonder if there is not maybe a way to keep that swell background photo without the words flowing over it? Then again, there is something I like about it, but also, it is distracting in a way that makes me feel older than I am. And the name of your blerg is wonderful.

  2. WHY THANK YOU! WE'RE ATTEMPTING AT CONCEPTUALIZING A NEW FNEIRH TO MAKE AS THE BACKGROUND, however this nfiskl is what we'll have to do with right now. tis quite a bit disorienting.