Sunday, March 11, 2012

Number Second Time We Leave Home! Cool!

         Well, yes. It's true that we are sort of not nice to us's blog sometimes...But all faith is restored, right? Okay then, H.I. McDonnough. The Rat and I Bustable, ventured to a place that you might be familiar with because of past blog posts. It is called Time for Clothes That Are $1.39 a Pound! Yes, that's correct, The Goodwill Clearance Center. But going there is like a power sport. One has to allow oneself about seven and a half hours if one wants to cover the whole store, which one probably doesn't. Because that would take a long time and then that one would not have enough time to take pictures of one and one's friend for one's blog. Or something like that.
          Anyway(s), we went to that place for about two hours and my back hurt after it. And suddenly the Rat is about two inches taller than me! Why? I don't rightly know! I don't like it! She is tall and stuff and gross and stuff. So then we was going around looking for clothes and we found good stuffs and other things. Crawling things. Nope. So then we went to a where called Irie Bean for a while. Then it was raining sheep and monuments. Wow, we were tired. Then we had to go to a wedding! Yes, it was the wedding of our fabulous friend with whom I believe you all are familiar. Her mane, yes name, is Eva! No, it was her mom, silly! So on the way to the wedding, we wrote a poem, which is below!

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle now!
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! How?
You don't seem to care, dear Frank!
Oh my God, you robbed a bank!
Again, Frank? Really? Again, you BLANK?
In the mail, expect a shank,
From your mother, whom I thank
For the way she treats you, Frank!
Relax until you feel a yank
Upon your hair--it is a prank!
Now come here so I can hit you with a plank,
On the head, it makes a clank
Because you're not very smart, young Frank.
So go to school and die, like Hank!
Negative seven is your rank!
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh Frank!
See you in heck land if you rob another bank.

Then we took pictures with clothes mostly from the where that we had just been to. By then we were all grandmothers because our backs hurt. Quite a lot. So here is the stuff! See you there! Can you guess if they'll be captions? I guess that we can't enter the contest of guessing because we have an unfair advantage because we already know. Oh well. Here we are go(ing)!

These ones was at the wedding. We was there, which is nice.

 A day at the park!

 Rat's sweater was purchased at the where that we were at. The rest was not.

 Relax upon the stairwell...until you feel the yank.
This is the back of sweater land. Pretty spiffy, ain't it?
 Jeb's skirt (which was long before we injured it) and her shirt are from GOODWILL PLACE.

 I too have an outfit entirely from the place of good, excepting accessories and shoes. 

 Those shoes.

 Because we thought that this outfit (the shirt of Frankenstein and the sweater are from GOODwill, not the pantaloon) was a bit boring, we put me in the shower. I was there for a few days. It was cool, I guess. 
 At least I brought some toys.

 The rat is sporting a shirt and bandana thing from the place, but not a pants. Or a shoes.

 She is sitting down so that she doesn't get hit by buses that go through my house at all hours of the day.
 Jeb has been wayring some pants and shirts and cardigans from the place. The pants are like English riding pants and that it good.
 Then she becomed a yogi.
 We enjoy each other's company, of course.


 Next, she wears pants that are now shorts due to our witty murder and a blouse thing from GOODWILL PLACE. But not the necklace!

 Oh Jeb! What a dear!
 Now for the most exciting find of the day! This shirt thing with swiss dots is a Jason Wu blouse and we love him so much that we are apt to call him Jason Whoohoo!
Don't freak out like a freak of freaking nature. It was only Jason Wu for Target. But still exciteable because it is limited EDITION!

 Such a good shirt! It is so kind and empathetic!

 My pants are from Foreverly 911 (21), but the boxy tank top is straight from GOODwill. It is my favorite thing in my life. That is my dog. Those are my ancestors behind me. 
 And there are more dogs. They are very chic, you know!
 This camera takes bad pictures! 
 The Rat is wafting a flower and sitting by mummy's aprons. The sweater was purchased by our hands.
 What a fetching fairy princess she is, that Rat!

Next I am sprawled out on the floor because of a gunshot. Good thing I brought a rose with me! 
 The gown is what the focus should be on at this point. That's because we bought it then.
 But I kept smelling the flower and eating it and stuff.

Jeb is sporting a sweater that I was wearing at the wedding. It is very sweet! My sister and her fiancé, Matt made those pictures of crayons! They are lovely!

 This picture is staged! She is not playing the piano! Silly silly!
 Some cool lamp light is cool and what.

 Lastly, I wear now a sweater of cashmere. It is soft. There are books. That is nice.

So we counted up our stuff and there was twenty-four stuff, some of which is not shown because it is for a soon to be three year old and won't look good on us. Then we said, "Oh! This cost me and you twelve dollars! An average of 50 cents per garment is cool, isn't it?" Yes. Yes it is. Bye you friend!


  1. Mercy, this was just terribly entertaining and I'm amazed at how tall Charlotte looks! Long graceful legs and everything!

    1. why thank you! and yes, charlotte is a psychopath.