Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hello there, humans! A little teeny while ago, we travelled downtown. Can you guess what we saw?
We can't either, because we would have an unfair advantage because we actually know what we did so it wouldn't be guessing. Anyways. Here it is. We ate almond horns at Whole Foods, then gallivanted off to do some other stuff.
Here are our outfits

Here is the other stuff

First, we went to the beautiful and lovely and gorgeous By George across the street from Whole Foods. Everything we saw made us want to just go drink hot chocolate, eat popcorn, and watch Shawn the Sheep for the rest of our lives. Fashionably of course. As in, while wearing wool coats, oversized chunky-knit sweaters, cashmere scarves, thin leather belts, corduroys, more coats, collared blouses, tailored pants, and beautiful dresses. 

Then we went and petted things at Anthropologie, and while Feist's cover of the song Secret Heart was playing, we saw an amazing thing! Our amazingly fashionable French teacher's cardigan. So not only was Feist (who is very fashionable herself, and whose new album is so amazingly wonderful) being associated with this fairy princess store, but so was our wonderful Madame Ewald.
We also saw these amazing things there:


This last one is constructed of corduroy. YES! OJklmds,.!

After that happened. This happened. We decided to find out how to walk to the new Urban Outfitters. We did not know how. But I, Ramona, knew that it is underneath the W Hotel. Gus knew that she needed to use the restroom. So, we went into Book People, zoomed through a crowd of children dressed up as witches, and looked up the address of the W Hotel in a travel book, and went to the bathroom, and bought some ginger chews, and were off to West 2nd Street, which we did not know how to find. 
Once at Urban outfitters, we viewed this:

mooooore corduroooy


Then Gus decided pee AGAIN so we left and went through a dog house contest festival of sorts to a cafe and bought coffee to alleviate  her ailments.


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