Monday, November 14, 2011

Yes, We Said It!

Yes, I said it! Maybe! I am a terrible idiot raised in the mountains by elephant-flavored wolf bathmats and unworthy of proper manners of living. I must be locked away in a cave wherein there are no small childrens for me to harm! I am a barbarous creature (craeture!). 
Anyways, a few bazillion years ago, Le Rainbow Rat and me, Bus, and Le Rainbow Ratticus' mother went to a fashion show a JUSTINE'S, a lovely little friend. In fact, our dear companion Eva often goes on about how she goes there dressed in opera gloves and a veiled hat. 
So there we was. We was there. 

(Picture of us looking fabulously glamorous, of course. Hey, don't add a picture here, okay? Great. Cool. Oh wait. I found the picture below on one JOHN PESINA'S BLOG. That's right, he took our picture. There.)

SO this place called Blackmail is a nice place to be at all hours of the day. It is living on South Congress, so Rat and I often step in. And the fashion show was of the owner and designer of many clothings of Blackmail, Gail Chovan. Everyone who is anyone was there, of course, because after all, Gail Chovan of the aforementioned Blackmail is all the rage. Of course. Who did not know that? Everyone who's no one of course!

So there we was, amongst the glamorous Austin people and a lot of cupcakes and no chairs for us and some French music and some water glasses and a long runway that was very long and stuff. And there was the camera of the Rat. She kept saying, "AGH. I have need for a real camera!" as it took a picture of the empty runway directly after the model had exited the premises. But still, she took some lovely photos and anyone who's anyone has a terrible camera. Of course! So there went some pictures! WOW!

All of the models had piled hair and FABULOUS boots that Gail Chovan is rumored to have made herself! Yes, we said it! Maybe!

What a kind full skirt! A million is the kind, I bet.

We adored this dress because of its lovely ties and wraps and intricate foldish things strewn about the front.
What intriguing hair! I guess it is times a million.
WOW! That's Juanita Escovedo, this lovely person of ours with whom we went to after school Shakespeare! Is she not stunning? Necklace. Good.
Oh huzzah! What wonderful dress it be!
Ah, the model removes her hood!
And promptly leaves.

 We rather agreed that this one was our favorite!
 Yes! Good job necklace! We think that you are a winner!
Shoulder spaghettis are approved.

We argued profusely about what was the best kind of model: annoyed, happy, sad, medium, thrilled, terrified, garbage can, bored, uncomfortable, comfortable, other, friend by the name of Juanita, etc. But all of the garments were quite exquisite and it was an utterly stupendous show, especially the small cupcakes and the guys with western shirts who screwed lightbulbs in at the beginning. One kept on flickering. It was fine. Then we built a shrine to it. Nope. HOW? What ever. I'd tell you but I nevermind.

Well, anyway. Bye.
This is a dog:


  1. I don't believe I've ever been to Justine's in a veiled hat. Opera gloves, however, are a different story altogether.

  2. Nastya Gnedich? Really, Eva? How so very, erm... creative... of you. I truly fear for you and think that your obsession with all things Russian is taking a bad toll on your mental health. However, the thought of opera gloves and a veiled hat is très élégant. 'est très Audrey Hepburn, qui j'aime pour le moment.

  3. What ever. It's to protect my identity while doing things online. I guess. Anyway, it IS creative. I came up with it. So ha.

  4. Hallo there everyone! Very nice blog, very nice indeed. How elegant those dresses and shtuff.

  5. Hello! Just wanted to say something! :D :D :D :D