Monday, October 31, 2011


 To start off, we've included the Power Puff Girls.
Below, there will be no more power puff girls.
In the morning of today, we went off breakfastin' and thriftin' at St. Vincent de Paul.
An example of the coffee we had is above. Actually that there is the actual coffee Gus had. You could call it an example of mine, Ratmona's, although Gus got a mocha and a mocha is not a latte. A. Also. As we were gallivanting on South Congress, is was appropriate to buy darling Jo's coffee, a large "Yesterday's treats, Today's Eats" Jo's muffin and some crepes which were not pictured. Welcome.
You can't see the coffee, so for all you know, that's just a picture of the cup. Whaddaya think o' that?
 Welcome to Gus' geisha makeup which was applied hectically by me, Rat.
 Welcome to my red eyeliner which is not eyeliner, for it is facial paint.
 Ghost Gussie!

Here you go.

Gooey is wearing an American Apparel dress underneath a Bp. Nordstrom dress because that's innovative.
All those 7 million scarves are vintage, mostly from my Grandmommy.
She is also wearing a skirt from the kid's section at old navy and about ten million other skirts.
She is also wearing Nordstrom boots. 

The pictures surrounding this spatch of text are from an illustrated dictionary.
Some 9th century people had seven feet, so the only way to deal with that problem was to make the shoes pictured above. That was a fun fact for you to read. It was fun for you. When you read it.
 A rat shadow, yes.

 Thick paint prevents smiles.

That dress thing I am wearing was built by moi. So was the collar.
The socks are from Anthropologie!
All four ties are vintage.
I do not know how I obtained all of that jewelry.
Actually I do. But if I told you I would have to eat your soul or heart or drink your blood or something.

Afterwards of that, we went to the Girl's Rock Camp fundraiser at Joe's, at which Gug's camera ran out of batteries.

ABOVE IS our moomoo friend Jenadai Bondo's band, Charlie Belle.
Her actual name is Jendayi. She be the one with the blue guitar of course!

We also saw Schmillion, whose fashion sense was so shiqua that we were happy. Even though we still had clumps of white paint on our sorry souls. We deeply wish that Gug hadn't put stupiding batteries in her camera. But below is a picture of them which we did not take.
That is a schmillion. Here is a schmillion.

Ha. We put more power puff girls on this post. Enjoy it.

Here is a toad.


  1. Hey ladies! Such a cool blog youve got here! I found your blog through Mint Tea and A Good Book, I Eat Words, and a few other adult book blogs.I like reading and I will keep reading your blog! So cool! BTW, I used to love the powerpuff girlys when I was younger! still kinda do...

  2. You guys look like little chinese dancers! You should have all been in the nutcracker w/ that makeup!

  3. aw shucks! i need to get a sponge though because you can see the finger marks on our faces. twas my first time doing make up like that.