Monday, January 23, 2012

The High-Waisted Segue Collection

Wue went [goed] on a travelsome feast to Thrifttown and there and back and near and far and half and nope and yep and seven and two and yellow and vert and you and me together accordingly. Forever. So we purchased some clothes which summed up to $6 for each of us, and put together some outfits of them and here they is: The High-Waisted Segue Collection. (Everything is high-waisted and is styled to be for the transitional period between winter and spring.)

 Here are all the clothings, intelligently lined up by me, Bus on my light thing. Yes. Organized outfits all together on hangers. My idea of good job.
 Then they were still there, so I took another picture, you know, because of the miracle.

 This, my dear shared backyard is where we decided to shoot each other. 
's photos.
 Shorts: Thrifttown, were long 90's jeans at one point, but were murdered to cuttoff shorts.
Shirt: Furies from By George
Socks: Nordstrom

 Loafers: Thrifttown 
 Chains: Assorted Fun!
Sweater: St. Vincent de Paul
Belt: Thrifttown
Skirt: Some huge clothing exchange at some point somewhere
 Bus wanders fairily. Not fairly, but in a fairy manner.
 Gug spins about.

Necklaces: St. Vincent de Paul, City-Wide Garage Sale
Shoes: Thrifttown, on different occasion
Shirt: St. Vincent de Paul
Shorts: Urban Outfitters (before the grand boycott, of course)
Hat: Gug's from when she was eight. Does not remember where it be from.

 Blowing dandelion daintily! 
 Arm made of plastic substance. NOT.
Sweater: Coco gave it to her
Shorts: Thrifttown, were pants at one point not a far away time ago.
Socks: Same ones again agen. 
 Belt: Ann gave them to Gug
Necklaces: Mom gave them to Gug
Bangles: An Unknown Force gave them to Gug
 Shoes: Payless Shoe Source long, long ago
Shirt: Thriftown
Shorts: American Apparel
Oatmeal Cardigan: ST. Vincent dePaul
Summer Boots: City-wide garbage sale
The Rat rests on a fence smiling fetchingly.
And stays there some more.
This is my dog, Charlotte! I am madly in love with her! Yes! Oh, Huzzah towards Charlotte!
Shirt: Thriftown
Shorts: Forever 21
Belt: St. Vincent de Paul
Dog: Austin Pets Alive (!) 
Oh, Charlotte is the best thing since sliced bread! Sure.

I am happy because Charlotte is still there. Maybe!
 But why?
 Shoes: Gug's mom's from Clarks
They are way too large for me. Alas.
 Reoccurring fence sit event.
 And how!

P.S. Then it was time to go, and Rat had a nice game of throwing all of Gug's stuff down the stairs, at which point Gug's mother told her to be normal.

Good bye!
Rat and Bus

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