Monday, January 2, 2012

Tis that thing

It is the time. Hello. Merry/Happy Festivus/Hanukkah/Christmas/Halloween/Kwanzaa/Ramadaan/Easter Bunny/Regular Bunny/Medium-sized Sweater-Material Textbook Cover/Huge Pony/Birthday/Anniversary/New Year's/Flying Spaghetti Monster.

We have a new years/holiday-y think for you! We have a theme of fancy collars,  black, colourfulness, extravagance, masks, and spots, and laughing, and sparklers, and curtains, and trees, and maybe or two an lamp. And friends! AND 

Ookie! Wow~A Part-ay!~~~~~~~You should wish about flying things, yesy? The lovely GPA (Eva), and Jebediah (Jendayi), modeled for us this fine evening. WE are also in the photographs. Except if one of us is not in the picture, we're probably just sneaking into your kitchen to find a bear. Or we're probably behind the camera. Same thing.

Here we go, children!

We did our make-up outside to elevate our level of pretentiousness, below.
We prepare with various mirrors and the like.
Oh, I don't know!
Don't know again!
For the eyeshadow, we tried out NYX ultra pearl MANIA loose pearl eye shadow shadow in mink which we awkwardly gallivanted on a strange outing to Nordstrom to buy. But it is good eye shadow.

Gooly goo Here is the un back stage.

summer boots: Goodwill, socks: 
deux la la (nordstrom)
belt: forever 21, shirt: FURIES from by george, necklaces: handmade by Gug and Rat

earrings: some store in West Texas,  hairclips: Rat's mother

Jeb observes nothing.
Bus dramatically rejects Eva and Jeb because of idiot.
necklaces: one made by Gug, one from Shakespeare in the Park, one from Citywide Garage Sale, some vintage, one (from Dr. Uncle Carbuncle and Cameron!), dress: FOREVER 21
Ratthew being a socialite. Oh isn't it just FABULOUS!
Peering at downtown.
skirt: Lily White, tights: Betsey Johnson, shoes: Pandamerica, top: Gug's from some place she doesn't remember.
bloomers: vintage, tights: Gug's mother's , shoes: of the tap variety, sweater: given to Gug, belts: assorted from Gug's sewing cabinet

We stare into the distance, as directed by Jeb, the odd photographer.
Gug's shoes: Beyond, socks: Forever 21
Gug criticizes something.
And Rat goes around the bend. Finally.
Evan and Gug prepare for the fight during which they will rip at each other's throats. Whoopee! 
Then they do just that. 

Then all is well.

And they resume quiet and polite discussion.
Bad things occur.

Hanging a little paper fwegf.
Jeb dances while Bus and Evan linger, chatting aimlessly.
nail polish: Urban Outfitters
moustache: leaf

A dance from The Breakfast Club, a movie that we viewed in our soup and movie club that meets once a month with a plethora of our dear little friends.
Chaos ensues. 
Evan and Bus perform a little number for the entertainment of their fellow socialites. 
Bus descends a staircase

FIRE. What you've been dreaming of, no doubt!

then we passed around a glass of martinelli's sparkling apple juice and a mask (made by RAT).

Gug is utterly thrilled by the idea of Eva wearing the mask, whereas Eva hates all things.
Jeb and the Rat chat a bit and pose for a photo.

The Rat looks majestic gazing up at whatever. 

Log. Face.
Climbing through a dangerous trail of sparklers! That is what they are partaking in!
nail polish: American Apparel

Bears a striking resemblance to the cover of the fabulous book called Looking for Alaska! It does!
Aw, wuzzas! And hands cradle some fire thing or stuff.
Flame. Fire. Yes. Good for all involved. Especially when one is allowed to leap about yelling, "FIAH!" (Fire)


glass necklace: Amelia's Retrovogue (vintage), lace necklace: Gug's altered sweater remains
Jeb fiddles with some lights.
headband: American Apparel, collar: vintage (Uncommon Objects), chain: Saint Vincent de Paul, earrings: City Wide Garage Sale

The rat enjoys fire upon the stairs, which is as good a place as any to do this commendable activity.
Two young dearies stroke cattens.


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