Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pristy Printcess!

This today, the Gus and Ramona that we are had a photo shoot in which we did not participate by being in the pictures, but rather by taking them! Dandy! THAT'S INNOVATION-AVANT-GARDE-SURREAL-TRAPEZOID-BUZZWORD-SUSTAINABLE-NOUVEAU RICHE RIGHT THERE! See you next paragraph!

We clothed our friends in blue and white, covered their hands and feet with human blood (mulberry juice), and surrounded their eyes with golden fairy dust! Just so you know and don't die when you see pictures, our friends are so beautiful and lovely that your house will surely fall over.

And now you know.
And there's proof below.
And banana bread dough.
And little ging poe!
And rush forth and go!
And go and go!


sarlottintotin, aka charlottie biscotti aka gus' dog charlotte invaded the photo shoot for a brief moment with her destructive friends. 

Gus, the fabu sock monkey/human/chef, made some fabulous food for the lovely models to nibble, and I, generous rat, contributed a pot of french press coffee to the experience, because, really, what else matters in this life.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! The pictures! Alive! The one and only photo shoot!

the spinning Eva! Skirt, Clothing swap. Top, St. Vincent de Paul. Sash, Grandmother's abode!

the sprinting-on-ground-with-bubbles Geepa!

Our friend friend friend Violence (Violet) donated her polaroid camera for our utilization, and we selected nine photos which were quite from that direct camera. 

ERF (Emma!): Dress, forever 21. Necklace of watch parts, Bus made it. Socks, Target.

Jebediah (Jendayi): Shirtdress, Goodwill. Belt, St. Vincent de Paul.

Geepa has a personal battle in the distance between her rebellious skirt and her soul.

Oh pritty princess looking at unripe peaches!

bunny bunny BUNNY!

Violence (Violet): Western Shirt, old navy from St Vincent de Paul. Necklace, same.

A depressive family stares into the camera.

But chaos ensues!

Makeup (all from Nordstrom): loose eyeshadow, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania. mascara, Estée Lauder. Lipstick, MAC in satin

shorts, I Don't Even Remember (altered by la maman de Gus). Headband, American Apparel.

Erin: Skirt, forever 21. Top: Ralph Lauren Polo from some thrift store in Alpine, TX

For Erf's fluffy wavy fairy hair, we mixed olive oil with sea salt and water and spritzed it on while sprunching and scrunching and twirling the tendrils.

Time to be creepy garage fairies! Is that Gug's garage? Wow!

Now we bid a sorrowful farewell with the assistance of the incredibly devilish looking, but lovely nonetheless Violence. 

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