Monday, November 12, 2012

Trendy Tuesdayz at the Innovation Station: Volume 1!

Good news, good news, to Fair London Town! At Ratticus Finch, we are starting a... 

hunky-dory and new,
top notch and fabu
funny thing for you!
It has a name, too!
at which you may coo!
Here's what I'll do:
I'll tell it to you!
It's Trendy Tue
(sdayz! At the Innovation Station!)

Yes! I said it! Trendy Tuesdayz (Tuezdayz) at the Innovation Station!

On some Tuesdayz, the ones that we deem worthy (the ones we manage to acknowledge), we will put a lil' posty about a new trend-type excitement in our lives! But it is not necessarily really a trend! Okay? No, because it's more of a thing that we both like so it's not just one lil' guy wearin' a thing, it's two lil' guys, Rat and I, so it's trendy! Trendz! For you and me to share!

First ever Trendy Tuesdayz is now! Welcome you, gurl! Here's where Trendu Tuesdaus are happenin'! Let's go! See you soon!

The Thing That Is Trendy According To Us That I Will Share: Wearing Shirts That Are Made For Lil' Kids! So They Are Crop Tops And Very Becoming! Here We Go! Pix!

In all of these some of these outfits, we paired the shirts (sirts) with a bit of a little kid theme in the spirit of taking clothes from little kids and placing them onto our upper halves. One other such example is lil' hair clippies! 
 Ratsy is wearing a shirt that used to belong to her bro when he was lil'! See her lil' kid clip and tiny-boy-who-lives-in-the-south-coast-of-france shorts? Do you? You do! Go you! Dear you, you are great!
Shirt: Cakewalk
Shorts: Urban Outfitters (before the boycott, of course!)
Clip: a now-closed-down children's clothing store, Dragon Snaps!
Sash: the Fabu Goodwill Clearance Center

 I am sporting a lil' toddler sweater that was a hoodie before I murdered it into a shirt/sweat-inducer!
Head Scarf: Rat's Grandma!
Shirt: Goodwill Clearance Center (on a recent trip when Geepa/Eva was here!)
Necklace: St. Vincent de Paul
Shorts: BDG from Buffalo Exchange
Sunnies: They belong to Georgia! She's our pal!

 Ratsy Go! She is wearing this!
 Then my pups interrupted. They were tellin' me to get some cool sock puppets to come on over for a playdate (they are obviously far lower quality pets than my entrepreneurial cat, says rat), but I said no because you can't have everything you ever want in this life for goodness sake, you stupid dogsie wads. I took care of it by getting them and putting them in the fridge. 
Charlotte: Austin Pets Alive
Rocket: This Person Named Amy

 Shirt: Goodwill Clearance Center
Necklace: City-wide Garage Sale

 Shirt: Goodwill Clearance Center
 Earings: Bat Mitzvah present
 Shark shirt! Sark sirt!
 Shirt: Goodwill Clearance Center
Froggy Back Sac: Felix's closet
 Lil' kiddy faces!


 Space Invader!
Clippiez, clockwise from top: I already said, I don't know, I don't know.

Now put your computer on the toilet seat and pet my dogs.

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