Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trendy Tuesdayz at the Innovation Station: Shiny Shoez

Hey Bunny boxling pals. We've been looking at our feet, thinking, "Wow, my, shoes, are, shiny!"
That's because we've been wearing shiny shoes.
It's a trend. Trendzz!
It's even trend #4 on the famed Net-a-porter's edit of the season's trendZ!
Sparkles and gold leather are prancing around on feet, for example one's feet which may be wearing these 


Rock & Gold 120 metallic leather ankle boots

or, if one's feet want to be more kasual and kool, these


Leather and studded metal flats


AND YET those are both wildly expensive. So no one can ever wear shiny shoes unless they are fabulously well-to-do!
Below are pictures of Bus and I's shiny shooo collections! 

RAT: Clockwise from top left: boots, $30 BDG at Urban Outfitters (before the boycott!); loafers, 1/4 DIY, 3/4 Thrift Town; kitten heels, $5 at St. Vincent de Paul; loafers, $35 Modesta at Modcloth.com (where all your wildest dreams come truuuue); vintage heels, $1 Walter Steiger at the City Wide Garage Sale.

Next! The odd one in/out! These are some more shoes that were late to the photo shoot so they had to have a personal photo shoot for themselves. And the photos looked a little bit bad. I know, I know, don't give in to the selfish pairs of shoes, but they were denied after-photo-shoot-eggrolls, so don't worry! 
 Styluxe from some boutique in Denver
These are from I Don't Know.

Haha. Those shoes are so pathetic that they're not even the main focus of the pic! My doggy is! This photo is called: Dog Pauses by Shiny Plywood: Flowers Fall by Silver Slipper
My mumsy named it. Go her.

Okay now go on this website: http://www.casalavistababy.com/
Sneak Peak!
Now go eat dinner with your friends or your self.

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