Friday, August 17, 2012

Goat Camouflage No Big Deal?

We are nots smart. We have not written on our blog for three whole months! Wow! That's because we have been in the summer time and we kids get so very busy and travelly and make-stuff-y and worky that we don't write our blog for three months, which is quite silly, but also, you know, the way that the thing is. The thing called the way the summer goes. On about. 

So we have engaged in many things this summer and that's funny bunny! But we won't go into detail. Okay here are the deets! Rat has been interning/student-teachering at The Stitch Lab to help little 7-to-eleven-year-old buddies to make sock monkeys and so forth, a local fabric store that's local owned in this general locality. We are locavores. Like rabbits! They only eat in their own towns! And since we eat fabric, there's the big kicker! 

Anyways, Rat interned there and then went home and made tons of clothes (close) and then she got really good at it, and she also did that! And then I, Bus, made some too, but not very many and not as good...Oh well of that! So yes. Then we shoved Emmerf (Emma, the fairy princess from our last photo-shoot), our dear amie, into the corner that Rat covered in newsprint friendy papers and hung little squeaky white sculptures with fishing line and threw/threw some clothes (close) on her because she was naked and that just wouldn't do! Then I did weird things, including, twirly ironing, and flowers to her hair (HURR) and we maked her up! And then documented this whole ordeal with a camera device! And that's the way the cupcake finds its eternal mate/a photoshoot is! So here are them results you've been scanning through the text for and not really reading it (the text)! See you in the next part of the computer screen!

Here's a bad picture of Erf (Emma, resident fairy princess/pegasus power unicorn) and I, Bus!

Here are our supplies! That we used to makes clothes (close) out of! You'll need:
an empty altoids tin with nothing in it, coffee, a bandana, and a sueing mach-ine
Here are those very supplies, closer (clotheser) up, blurrier and bigger! Get a whiff of that crazy business!

The shirt was made by Rat Man! Peplums are suddenly your friends, because that's fine that we're a blogger that makes you adopt our opinions! 

We did some fun camera stuff with the camera from last time we talked in that other paragraph! That sentence sucked. It was sucky. Love, Ramona, who is editing this.

This is the wonderfully great back of the siiiiirt! It has red piping! 

Next is a shirt that I made with some Goodwill Clearance Center business and the skirt was made by Rat with Stitch Lab fabric depicting salad greens for all to share! The belt is from June's City-Wide Garage Sale (which is a fabu place to dress yourself from)! So are the shoes! There were ONE DOLLAR! Rat owns them. Alack the day!

"You could get a pretty penny for those locks," snickered that old sheep man!

The next look is one with a shirt made out of a sheet and painted by the Bus Machine which is just something that I said that actually means ME and some pantaloons from Forever 911 and some sparkly golden loafers from Modcloth, which is our new FAVORITE! Have a fun peruse! 
That's the baby back! 

Those they are the loafairs! 

And now for an outfit with a shirt made and painted by Rat and a skirt made by R(E)AT using algebra(s)! WHOA!

You're now in for an UMPALOOPA suit! IT CRAY! Lord love a duck! Ramona made both the top and the shorts and the booties are from Urban Outfitters, long before the boycott, before they were stupid becoming back when you were allowed to shop there! 

That's the the tulip back. That sounds like an insult! 
That's Erf's back! It's sounds beautiful! 

    This assortment of necklaces is an assortment. That's all you need and should want to know.                       

Now, for a final thing, I present the final outfit thing! This top was made by me using this Fleur de Lis stencil that my mom got for no monies from this person who sold her a stencil which we painted her office floor with (another excuse to not blog!). Anyways. The skirt? Whoa! That looks familiar! SAMESIES! 

Neck time kids!

This is the set that Rat made in her mommy's art painter girl studio! Her mother, as you can see, is wonderful at an art s. THAT EXPLAINS A LOT...

All gone now. Bye, I guess. We won't miss you, you stupid thing that no one likes. That's mean, but sometimes the truth is the best medicine for acne!

Okay well I guess that's the end of that. Have a nice visit I hope you have haved. Expect some stuff that comes with not disappearing again for three months! Oh! Rat and I are going to different schools next year unfortunately! She is going to an art s place, McCallum to be an visual artette. And I am going to school myself in a parking lot outside of an Big Lots sitting down. That is a sad but facty fact. So think about it and feel pain. 

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