Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stuff and know...!.,,//)(.

Well, you see. You see all there is to see, you being the almighty person who knows all. And I was sitting in a stooper in a couch in a room in a house on a spatch of land in a town called Blarg (Austin!) in the land of ablative phylogenesis in a large expansive spaceship in the centre (!) of town when it came to me. There are some lovely things that the Rat and I love so very much that we insist upon having at the drop of a hat. They are as follows.

  1. Lace

Isn't that thing from American Apparel just a dear?

         2. Combat Boots

 Indeed. This boot thing is from Urban Outfitters.

         3. Sophistication

Ah mon dieu!

       4. Long Necklaces

5. Stripes

All of those garments are from either American Apparel or Urban Outfitters

These are from Boden!
We like stripes because of all the different themes that can be based around them. They can be very elegant or they can be childish, both of which are GOOD. Gooten.

6. High-waisted Whatnot

American Apparel. Dead meat.

Hey! Remember that? Yes. You don't. Leave. No! Please...don't go. We adore you!

7. Sweaters that are too big n stuff

Oh. Hey, that's kind. 


Aw. Little friends. What nice children those are.

9. Skinny Jeans or pants. THIS ONE is exclusive to Ratmona.
Free People! These jeans are FAVORITO! They are the FP Utility Jeans with Zippers.
Also, although I do not usually approve of Abercrombie, they make really fabulous skinny jeans.

10. Also exclusive to Ratmona: Pretending to be Alison Mosshart 

If you do not know who she is, too bad. It has now become my mission to make you know.
Here is some music to delight you.
Here is Alison Mosshart with the lovely Jamie Hince in their band, The Kills, which is awesome.

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  1. The style of that sweater that was too large and stuff that was second from the bottom I saw on everyone in Spain. EVERYONE. Fashionable young ladies, old men, middle-aged women, and everyone in between. I must have seen it twenty times without exaggerating. Infinity times with exaggerating. It was impressive. Quite.