Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Wed.

This weekend I, Bus, was at a lovely wedding in Oakland, California. Oakland, land where it is not appallingly hot all the time! Plus my extended family is thoroughly fashionable, especially my Great Aunt Biche, who is French and always gives me café au lait in a bowl. But anyway, I noticed a multitude of boots and sweaters that struck my fancy. Quite! The boots were of the combat and the tall, elegant variety. The wedding procession was very fashionable indeed and the two grooms were met with applause at the door in their matching white linen suit jackets. And there was a mob of teenaged flower girls, one of which was me. And there was a big square dancing fiasco and many wonderful outfits were seen, including a pink silk night gown worn over a lace under garment thing and tights and combat boots and bright red lip stick. And then there were some very distant cousins from England. And a cousin who changed outfits three times, only she referred to them as costumes. And then there was an extravagant, intricate, beautiful blue dress with lace hanging out the bottom and (yet again) combat boots.  And then there was a street fair. And about 700 billion cafés. And bakeries.

Some boots that I am a fan of, and I have been in the market for boots for about a year, are below:

Of course these are only the tall elegant ones. There are plenty of lovely combat ones, such as my pair that was given to me by none other that the Rat herself!

The ones above are from le J. Crew, which is good.

Some other nicey things that I viewed or liked from le wed, (though I warn you, the camera is an evil idiot and the pictures are, as a general rule, blurry or shameful or both), as well as a multitude of sweaters are coming up. And also a pink cow. Bub bye, and See You There!

I appreciate them socks!

 A disgusted child. And a lot of cakes in cups. 
 Negative space, the last frontier!
 Ah! The lace! It is magnificent!
That is rather flapper, no?

These next ones are brought to the page by Anthropologie.

And alas.

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  1. Love the flapper dress; it would be good with boots too. . .